Подарки для киноманов

Last year in November we received a request from one of the most fashionable Moscow theater - cinema "Pioneer". Client: Cinema theater "Pioneer" - is the right place for movie fans, demanding to the quality of image, sound and prefer to watch movies in their original language with subtitles.

Task: Supply of unusual gifts, which is unique in Russia, having a direct link with the cinema.

Implementation: The customer initially was interested in one of the products from our catalog, however, the goods were not in stock in Moscow. The problem was lack of time for the delivery of goods from abroad. Based on our experience in the delivery and up to date information on FEA specialists and logistics - we guarantee the customer a reasonable timeframe of delivery to NG. 207c300789c0bbb157ab59b2ed0e157b.jpg

In mid-December, the goods arrived in Moscow as planned - delivery was successful! The customer was satisfied with the product quality and delivery times, and we were pleased to work with an interesting purchase!

Thanks for the tip!