Жемчужины для вина (4 шт.)
Жемчужины для вина (4 шт.) Жемчужины для вина (4 шт.) Жемчужины для вина (4 шт.)

Wine Pearl set of 4

Wine Pearl set of 4
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To fully enjoy the taste of such noble drinks like wine, champagne or vermouth, you needed a glass, a cozy atmosphere and, of course, the correct use of the temperature of the drink.

But very often we drink white wines too cold and red - too warm. This greatly reduces the enjoyment. To enjoy the wine at the correct temperature, we need a certain knowledge or original ideas. Of course, the wine can be put in the refrigerator before the arrival of guests. Or you can keep the wine in the cellar. But you must admit, sometimes guests arrive unexpectedly, and even find the place in a modern apartment for cellar is practically impossible. What to do?

There is a way: you get the aid by pearl for wine! It was made of stainless steel with special termogelya inside, and are extremely easy to use: all you need - this time to hold a pearl in the freezer and then put it in a glass with a drink.
Weight 165 g
Material polished stainless steel
Size 35 x 25 (diameter) mm
Size in the package 15 х 10 х 4 cm
Sample available: In stock
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