Кубики для коктейлей
Кубики для коктейлей Кубики для коктейлей Кубики для коктейлей
Кубики для коктейлей

Mixology Coctail Dice

Mixology Coctail Dice
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Leafing through the book with recipes, looking in the Internet ingredients and methods of cooking? Long and boring! In the midst of the holiday I want to movement, fun, smiles and good mood.

This witty and original accessories, which can be called a generator of creative cocktails, designed specifically for those who like to experiment, jokes and, of course, a variety of homemade cocktails.

It includes several wooden blocks of the same size, but instead of points on the faces of each of them were written the names of the possible ingredients of future cocktail. So, we just need to drop a few cubes and mix in a shaker that showed by the stars.
Material birch wood
Measurements Pouch with cubes: 3.25" W x 5" H x 0.75" D
Care Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Notes Set includes eight 0.75" cubes
Sample available: not available
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