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Diary with Clock daily planner

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Diary with clock is a perfect tool for person who already cares about time or just plan to start his time-management. There are few good reasons to get it:

  1. Freedom without your gadget battery's dictatorship.
  2. Smartphone's alarm clock doesn't save you if you don't hear it.
  3. It was really cool to draw something in notebook during the lessons.
  4. Traditional breakfast photo in Instagram is better with funny illustrated unusual daily planner, sure.

Daily planner Diary with Clock inside

Stylish look of Diary with Clock suits any table — from casual office cabinet to artist's kitchen. 5 colors for every taste, 126 pages for daily planning around the clock and 70 lists for regular notes. Everything you need for diary writing or fast and simple organisation of your time.

Daily planner Diary with Clock inside

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